Small online groups: Yes you can!

New small online groups are starting again!

Help for finding a job, recognizing and articulating your talent. (Online groups)
Please note! This registration is for all 3 events.
The purpose of this small group is to help you in recognizing your own talent and finding a job that meets your talent. At the same time you receive support in developing your talent (studying) and articulating your talent (job-seeking documents).
This small group is targeted to people working in service industry, who want to map out and develop their own talent. You can be either a job-seeker or employee/student considering seeking new jobs. At the registration the participants are asked about their expectations concerning the content of the training.
The small group will meet three times. The preliminary content:

New small online groups are starting again!


October 26, 10-12 am

November 2, 10-12 am

November 9, 10-12 am